Hollywood peel is also called carbon laser peel. This has become one of the top non-invasive skin treatment for celebrities.

This is a laser resurfacing procedure to enhance skin radiance and it gives you smooth glowing complexion. This carbon laser facial helps to reduce skin imperfections like enlarge pores and fine lines.

How it works

Medical grade carbon cream layer applied to the skin. This carbon particles act as photo-enhancer which vaporise when it contact with laser beam.

Laser machine emits single wavelength of light which concentrate in to an intense beam of energy. This energy stimulate thermal reactions when absorbed. This laser beam is absorbed by carbon particles due to its black colour and gentle vacuum remove the carbon. This carbon particles are connected to the epidermis (outer laser of the skin). Due to the thermal energy skin pores are minimised and peeling of dead skin layers give you a glowing skin.

How it feel

This treatment is comfortable and you may feel minor sensation similar to pins & needles.

Down time

Lase carbon peel/ facial is a quick and convenient office time procedure with minimal down time.
Skin become more radiant immediately after treatment. You can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment.


1) Enlarge skin pores
2) Skin irregularities
3) Wrinkles and fine lines
4) Acne & Acne scars
5) Uneven skin tone
6) Reduce skin radiance


1) Increase skin renewal
2) Improve skin radiance
3) Achieve even skin tone and texture
4) Reduce skin pore size
5) For Gloving complexion