Regeneration and Erection 

Proper erection of the male organ (penis) is absolutely needed for normal healthier sex life. Problems in normal penile erection can be associated with physical and psychological imbalance and hidden stress in many individuals. 

Erectile dysfunction or Impotence is associated with reduced blood flowing in to penile tissues. This can be due to,

          • Hormonal issues 
          • Age related tissue malfunction
          • Some medicine used to treat other medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol 
          • Psychological imbalance or issues 
          • Some infections 

Penis is made out of corporal tissues made by smooth muscles, vascular tissues, collagen and endothelium covered by fibrous tissue layer called Tunica albugenia. 

Erection is achieved by interaction of all those components by chemicals (neurotransmitters) coming form brain. 

Aging results, 

      • Altered collagen and reduced elastin fibers in penile tissues,
      • Reduced smooth muscle cells in penile blood vessels endothelium,  

Causing dysfunction of erection.

There are few ways to repair these tissues using principles in regenerative medicine,

      1. Biostimulation
      2. Stimulate natural regeneration 

Reversal of these vasogenic erectile dysfunction can be achieved by increasing blood flow and supporting new blood vessel formation (neovascularization) in penile tissues. 

Growth factor concentrate called activated platelet rich plasma is used to regenerate cavernous tissues in penis recovering erectile dysfunction. 

Priapus Shot or P Shot 

This used the principle of non-surgical penile tissue regeneration and rejuvenation using technically separated growth factors from your own blood. This treatment naturally stimulate the regeneration process of malfunctioning penile tissues leading to convert them to  younger tissues with improved blood flow giving ultimate natural firm erection. 

Steps includes, 

    • Simple droving of your own blood and carefully separate the growth factors using special centrifuge machine.
    • Use the growth factor concentrate of platelet rich plasma to treat the penile tissues. 

This is, 

  • Non surgical treatment with minimal discomfort.
  • Improve erection and firmness.
  • Faster action .
  • Some effect on improve penile girth and length.
  • Ultimately gives a better healthier sexual function. 

This technique is effective in treating erectile dysfunction associated with aging, painful erection, drug and disease related impotence and Peyronies’ disease. 

  (Individual results can vary with person to person)

Fotona 4D laser Face lift and Rejuvenation

Aging looses skin elasticity and firmness resulting wrinkles and flabby dull skin. Also sun exposure, stressful life and unhealthy food habits give you a  appearance of aging saggy face.

Fotona 4D is a unique combination of four distinct modes of laser treatments harnessed to combat facial aging. This unique technology reconstruct aged, sagging facial skin without surgery or pain. This includes a series of synergistic non-invasive laser treatments of both the exterior facial skin and interior oral cavity enabling persistent tightness by full thickness collagen contractions. 

This uses two laser wave lengths [Er YAG and Nd YAG] with four treatment modes. The four dimensions [4D] refers to four distinct treatments, all harnessed in concert to combat facial aging with little or no downtime. 

Four dimension or steps include :

  1. Intra-oral tightening 

Non-ablative intra-oral (inside the mouth) treatment treatment include controlled and gentle bulk heating to stimulate collagen contraction. This results immediate shrinkage of collagen fibers and initiate new collagen formation. Combination effect results overall improvement of tightness and elasticity of facial skin.

2) Skin rejuvenation 

Fractional Nd YAG laser used to get three dimensional effect to treat age related imperfections in dermis of the skin to restore youthful skin texture. 

3) Deep tissue layer treatment   

Super long Nd YAG pulse mode of laser is used to target deeper tissues of the skin. This mode causes bulk tissue heating safely and rapidly. This is the safest mode reaching deeper skin tissues. 

4) Laser peel 

Light cold laser peel gives a pearl finish to the skin. This additionally improves the appearance of skin and reduces imperfections of skin. 

This immediately brightens and tone the skin. Safely resurface the skin by reducing fine lines, wrincles and pore size. Overall skin tone and texture is enhanced.

4D face lift treatment restore the skin and facial tissues from inside out.

This is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for treat sagging facial skin.

Benefits of 4D skin rejuvenation 

      • Stimulate collegen synthesis.
      • Restore fibroblast within the dermis. 
      • Smoothen wrincles.
      • Remove fine lines.
      • Reduce pigmentation.
      • Remove sun damage.
      • Gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.
      • Skin tightening.
      • Remove skin creases
      • Reduce naso-labial folds.
      • Accelerate skin healing
      • Reduce acne scars.

Almost all clients see noticeable improvement even after single treatment. This is a one of safest non-invasive treatment for facial rejuvenation in experienced hands. 


This amazing technology is now available in Sri Lanka