Body procedures

Several plastic surgical procedures are designed to address cosmetic flaws that make you
feel self conscious about your appearance.

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Facial procedures

There are several Plastic surgical and cosmetic dermatological procedures available for
the face that can help you to meet your cosmetic goals.

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Breast procedures

There are a variety of breast surgery options that can improve the appearance of breasts.
Small, asymmetric, and misshapen breasts can be treated with the insertion of breast

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Buttock augmentation improves the contour, size and shape of the. Buttock lift improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports skin and fat in the buttock area.

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Hand Surgery

Hands serve many functions . They includes activities of daily living, write, earn a living, create art and many more other activities. To accomplish these tasks and activities, our hands require sensation and movement, such as nerve functions, joint motion, tendon gliding and muscle contraction.

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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery Biltong frankfurter capicola, venison ribeye fatback meatloaf kielbasa corned beef rump pig ground round pork t-bone tongue. Shank pork chop beef ribs pork biltong tail sirloin shankle shoulder pork loin. Kielbasa fatback rump ground round, tail cow drumstick

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